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Case Study: Dublin City PPN Website

The PPN is a countrywide initiative to build a network of community, social inclusion and environmental groups who work within a local authority area. The focus of the PPN is to empower and assist groups to participate in local decision making. The Dublin City … continued

White Knight

Swiffy your Flash to HTML5 without CS6

My inbox is full of newsletters from Adobe. Creative Suite 6 packages are shipping, Creative Cloud has arrived, and the Messiah is riding to town on his donkey … All this could be yours if your tech-fund hasn’t been depleted by, say, a recent forced upgrade to 5.5. … continued

AS3 Tooltip

At last, I got around to porting my Tooltip Class to Actionscript  3.  Well, when I say “porting”, that’s not quite accurate: this is a complete rewrite.  As such, alot of property names in the options have been changed, some of the defaults are different, … continued

More IE Madness & Object Swap Goes OOP

A couple of days ago, having just installed a new version of the Flash player in Internet Explorer, I tested recent updates to an ongoing Flash project. Imagine my amazement when, instead of an interactive Flash exhibition, I got a notice that my Flash … continued

Back to the Tooltip

I love my Tooltip, I really do. There isn’t a project where I haven’t used, abused and made it do unspeakable deeds. In fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t filed a lawsuit against me, for unpaid overtime. But I’ll be the first to admit that … continued