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AS3 Tooltip

At last, I got around to porting my Tooltip Class to Actionscript  3.  Well, when I say “porting”, that’s not quite accurate: this is a complete rewrite.  As such, alot of property names in the options have been changed, some of the defaults are different, … continued

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More IE Madness & Object Swap Goes OOP

A couple of days ago, having just installed a new version of the Flash player in Internet Explorer, I tested recent updates to an ongoing Flash project. Imagine my amazement when, instead of an interactive Flash exhibition, I got a notice that my Flash … continued

Back to the Tooltip

I love my Tooltip, I really do. There isn’t a project where I haven’t used, abused and made it do unspeakable deeds. In fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t filed a lawsuit against me, for unpaid overtime. But I’ll be the first to admit that … continued

XHTML Definition List Tree

Seeing as the Neo-Archaic logo is a tree, I just couldn’t resist adding a JavaScript tree component to the GrannySmith blog. The need for a tree-view arose when I was adding a FAQ page to the Pediatric Center website. I didn’t … continued

NoCache for JavaScript and Flash

I just spent a very frustrating day wrangling with cached images. Both JavaScript and Flash have trouble updating dymanic images, when these are cached by the browser. This can be a problem if, for example, your website has sets of images, such as catalogues, … continued

NavSwap: Semantic XHTML Menus into Designer Images

The Problem: If you are a web designer who tries to combine high standard graphic design with top-notch web-standards xhtml, you can’t escape a certain degree of conflict of interests. This can be especially acute when it comes to designing a menu. You … continued

ObjectSwap Revisited

Hi everyone, Since the ObjectSwap article appeared on this blog in April, the code has changed a number of times. To reflect those changes, and give you a bit more insight on how to use it, I bundled up a few ObjectSwap … continued


This article explains some of the uses, properties, and customisation of the Rich Text Tooltip for Flash (versions 7 and higher). A tooltip can be very helpful for the user interface of applications, development tools, websites, multimedia, interactive maps, and games. It’s a great … continued