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Dialogues with Talking Heads

Dialogues with Talking Heads eBook Cover

A highly recommended Novelette by the tallented James Beamon.

Karina’s contribution was eBook formatting and Cover Art, with a spot of editing.

Book Description:

They say the only sure things are death and taxes. But death doesn’t have to be a certainty with the right technology. Especially if there are people itching to ask the dearly departed questions about their taxes.

Dr. Hugh Torquato’s business is post-mortem communications, and business is booming. Sometimes the dead are the only ones with the answers, and the trick of getting them to speak is a closely guarded trade secret.

But the revolutionary technology Hugh uses on the job may not be the only one out there with a wicked cutting edge. When a VIP dies in a manner both unnatural and inexplicable, Hugh finds his hands full trying to unravel a locked-room mystery that even the dead can’t figure out.

Author: James Beamon

Format: Novelette

Genres: Sci-Fi, Black Comedy, Murder Mystery

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Karina is a highly creative designer who took my story and provided top-notch typesetting and beautiful cover art.  A joy to work with, Karina gave my novelette the professional treatment it deserved.  It stands out in the crowd in the Amazon Kindle store, where it’s receiving rave reviews.

I highly recommend Karina, and trust no one else in an industry where a beautiful presentation and layout is critical to attracting new readers.  She’s worth more than she charges.

James Beamon
James Beamon

Author of Dialogues with Talking Heads