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Richmond Barracks Website (2015-2021)

Richmond Barracks Homepage

The Richmond Barracks exhibition centre was developed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. Set in the historic Richmond Barracks – within whose walls over 3,000 Irish rebels were held – the interactive, multimedia attraction will trace the story of the site from military barracks to housing estate and from school, to exhibition centre.

We designed the original website (2015-2021) to reflect the historical nature of the museum with a touch of contemporary design, as evident in the full-width, fluid layout and a full-screen homepage. Design elements are prominent and chunky, with a focus on Level AA accessibility, Responsive Web Design, and an immersive user experience.

The website was developed in WordPress with a bespoke theme based on the Boostrap framework and continuously expanded with new features over the years.

Website content was written and optimised by Lori Bray, and all images were provided by the Richmond Barracks committee.

Our clients on this project were Dublin City Council and Éadaoin Ní Chléirigh, Chairperson of Richmond Barracks.

In 2020, DCC Culture Company took over the project, and over the next two years, Neo-Archaic restructured the website and applied new branding and functionality. In 2022 a new site replaced it.

Neo Archaic (Karina Steffens) designed and developed our website. You will understand when you look at the Richmond Barracks site why we are so very pleased with it. It is attractive, it dignifies its subject matter and it demonstrates how easy to use a website can be.

We have received so much positive feedback from people looking at the site. Karina is as easy to work with as her website is, she has supported others to update and create on the site and her response time is second to none. Well done Karina and we look forward to further projects together.

Éadaoin Ní Chléirigh – Richmond Barracks

Formerly CEO of Richmond Barracks (now @ ICSH)