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The Life and Works of William Butler Yeats

The Life and Works of WB Yeats

The Life & Works  of WB Yeats is Martello Media’s widely acclaimed multiple media exhibition of the definitive collection of memorabilia and  manuscripts of Ireland’s national poet.

The Award Winning exhibition in the National Library of Ireland has been one of Dublin’s top tourist attractions since its launch in 2006.

We teamed up with the exhibition designers to develop an online reconstruction of the exhibition. The brief included reproducing all the exhibition multimedia in Adobe Flash and developing the main walkthrough interface. Our goal was to introduce the immersive nature of the exhibition to the online version.


  • 2008 Golden Spider Awards Finalist: Best New Indigenous Website, Best Education, Research & Training Website
  • 2008 Digital Media Awards: Grand Prix 2nd Prize, Category Winner (combined award for exhibition and website)

Exhibition Designers:  Martello Media / Thought Different.

Working with Karina has been great over our last few projects. Having someone at the other end who just ‘understands’ what we do and what we want saves us a huge amount of time. Having worked with many developers over the years it’s always good knowing that the code that comes back will be clean and thoroughly tested, so we never hesitate to work with her.

Rob Reid
Rob Reid

Founder of Thought Different / Formerly Director of New Media, Martello Media